Centurions for Justice

“Working together to Empower the “Community” for Greatness”.

The Centurions for Justice (HCPD’s Minority Officers Association), would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with the rich history of this organization, its purpose, its commitment to community outreach. The organization was founded in 1976 by five minority officers, Herman Charity, Robert Jones, Frank Dawson, Richard Hall, and Gregg Scott, who recognized a collaborative effort as the most effective strategy to address top concerns.

The purpose of the organization is to raise questions about relevant issues such as fairness in the administration of justice, police and community relations, and the hiring and promotion of minority police officers. We serve as an advocate to identify or resolve issues that may result in inequities among employees or in the community we serve. We recommend executing polices, processes and procedures that pursue goals common to all segments of the community and law enforcement, with a focus on accountability and uncompromising integrity.

We will continue to promote and encourage attitudes and characteristics that permit adaptability to the changing demands placed on law enforcement. We are currently 48 members strong, comprised of several different minority ethic groups.

2012 – 2013 Board of Directors

P.O. Box 2205
Ellicott City, Maryland 21041